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ZimbabweCompany Registration

Private Limited Company (PLC)


  1. 1-5 Proposed company names.
  2. Names, ID numbers , residential address of the directors
  3. Address of the Company
  4. Email of the Company
  5. Names and address of the shareholders.
  6. Main Objectives of the company

Procedure and steps:

1. Name search

Normally name search is the first step it involves comparing the provided names with the national database of/in  Zimbabwe.

After thorough name search a CV4 report will be generated shown whether the names has been approved or rejected.

If approved you are given 30 days to lodge your company documents as per the Companies and other business entities chapter ( 24:31).

2. Drafting CR6 form

CR6 shows the list of directors of the company. Cr6 was the former Cr14 before the introduction of the new Companies and other business entities chapter 24:31. Directors should be above 18 years old.

3. Drafting CR5 Form

Formerly called Cr6 and it shows the address and email of the company. Address of the company may be a Commercial Or Residential address.

4. Drafting Memorundum and Articles of Association

These are the constitution of the company.

On this constitution you will find the following:

  • Name of the company
  • Objective of the company
  • Limited liability
  • Shareholding Structure
  • First directors of the company
  • Rights and Powers of the directors
  • Right and Power of the Company
  • General Meeting
  • Voting rights.

5. Submission

Finally you submit the papers to the Companies office. Pay a fee for lodging the papers and you wait for some number of days.

During this waiting period, the registrar and examiners will be examining the company documents in line with the Companies and other business entities Act chapter (24:31).

If not satisfied a Query will be raised on the papers.

If satisfied, a Certificate of Incorporation will be processed, sealed and signed by the registrar.

Real Estate Agency

The Estate Agents Council is a regulatory body formed by an ACT of Parliament; to provide for the registration of estate agents and the regulation of the practice of estate agents in Zimbabwe.

How to register as an estate agency

  1. Open a trust account with a commercial bank into which all moneys must be deposited.
  2. Must have a Principal Registered Estate Agent (PREA) in charge of the trust account.
  3. Certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation or Partnership agreement.
  4. Certified copy of CR6 indicating the Principal Registered Estate Agent is one of the Directors.
  5. Certified Copy of Cr5 which shows the address  of the company.
  6. Certified copy of CR11 forms which shows who the shareholders are.
  7. Letter from bank confirming opening of trust account with initial bank deposit.
  8. Letter from Chartered Accountants stating that the agent has been explained the system of bookkeeping in connection with trust accounts
  9. Tax Clearance Certificate.

The Principal Registered Estate Agent must be an executive director and main signatory to the trust account and a letter is required to this effect from the bank.

  • Police clearance for the directors.
  • Application fees
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